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Self Care is NOT Selfish

This week we are thrilled to welcome Mary Pust, fellow mother and owner of FIT4MOM Billings, onto the blog! Enjoy!

"Dear Coffee Mug,

I am sorry! Once upon a time we fit together perfectly. My hand wrapped around you to give me both warmth and energy. I looked forward to our time together every day. I filled you up, sometimes more than once and you gave me what I needed to start the day.

Now, I have once again forgotten you in the hassle of the morning routine. Constantly wrestling the children to eat and put on clothes, never once stopping to just relax and take a sip. I cannot even remember where I put you, I just really hope you are microwave safe."

As a mom writing this I initially laugh because the struggle is real but, the cold coffee is just one example of how us mothers don’t take time for ourselves. We think of everyone and everything else first. “Self Care is NOT Selfish” and you cannot pour from an empty cup (or a lost one 😉). We need our hot coffee, workouts, hobbies, alone time, etc. That is what makes us whole. That is where we get to refreshen our spirit and stay well.

For example; when was the last time you worked out? If you said today or even in the last week, GREAT!! If longer, why? Barriers to exercise are common for nearly everyone at one time or another due to several reasons. Some barriers are physical, such as illness, injury, lack of transportation, or a lack of a safe place to exercise. Other barriers are based in perception, such as the belief of not having enough time or energy to exercise. Parenthood is a MAJOR barrier to exercise, and its significance only grows with an increase in the number of children you have or care for. When you really think about it though, can you find 30 or even 60 minutes in your day to move? Time management and prioritizing self care is beyond beneficial for both you and your children.

This is my list of top 3 things I believe all moms NEED!

  1. A community that supports them

  2. A workout that celebrates movement

  3. A hobby that ignites their spirit

Take this time to reflect on what it is you truly need and ask for that this holiday season. Refill your cup and live as a healthy example for your children.

I wish you nothing but the Happiest Mother’s Day and a full cup of hot coffee. You deserve it!!

-Mary Pust

Owner, FIT4MOM Billings and Mom of 2 crazies

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