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Lets Talk About Milestones

"But are they meeting their milestones?"

This is a question I often hear from the parents of my infant patients. There is so much emphasis on the major milestones when it comes to your babies first year or life. And as an OT it is something that I believe is so important to be aware of. Delays in major milestones (such as rolling, sitting, reaching, grasping, engaging with caregivers, and visually scanning for items or your face) can be the first signs that something underlying is going on. But sometimes it can be hard to figure out when your baby should be able to do different skills or when you should be worried!

That is one of the main reasons I wanted to make the Baby's Month to Month Development guide on the Billings Babies website. This can be located at the top of the New Baby tab!

But don't worry I won't leave you to go searching around. I have also included one of my favorite (and most reliable) visual check lists that makes figuring out when typical general skills should be emerging. Just click below:

And fun fact! The CDC actually just updated some of their milestones in order to make it easier to identify delays that could be a sign of autism or other social-communication disabilities.

I would also like to include a brief note that every baby is going to be different. There are many factors why an infant might be slightly delayed or take a little extra time with meeting their milestones. This does not always mean there is something significant wrong. If you become worried about your babies development do not be afraid to ask your pediatrician!

If there are continued concerns about a babies development or physically difficulties with meeting milestones, your pediatrician will be able to point you in the right direction of the best way to support them!

Have a lovely weekend!

-OT Kasey

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