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Let Me Introduce Myself....

Good morning all you beautiful mommas!

I wanted to introduce myself and give you a little information about myself. My name is Kasey and I am the creator of Billings Babies. This site started as a project during my final semester of Occupational Therapy school. Similar to a newborn it kept me up during the night (thinking of lots of ideas), it required my full time and attention, and it seemed to know exactly when to be cranky or hard to work with during weeks I was already feeling overwhelmed. But also like a new baby, I watched it develop and grow before my eyes. I hope that you are able to find something helpful on this site. My goal during this whole process has been to help just one new mother in finding some sort of information.

Although I am not a mother myself, I have had an interest in working with babies for a long time. I also am in my final semester of a doctoral occupational therapy program where I have learned a lot about development and the occupations of a baby. If you are not familiar with the professional of occupational therapy, the best way to describe it is that we promote Activities of Daily Living, which could be anything from getting dressed in the morning to caregiving for your child. For an infant we focus on their development and meeting of milestones, healthy stimulation of all of their senses and forming positive interactions with those around them.

This being said, this blog portion of the website is going to be the OT Corner. I will be posting a new blog every week with tips and tricks to help your infant from a professional occupational therapy standpoint. Of course if you ever have any recommendations or topics you would like to know more about - don't hesitate to ask!

And as a final is a picture of me with my niece and nephew (who trust me are two of the cutest little ones if I do say so myself!). I look forward to keeping Billings Babies going in the future!


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