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Introducing Your

New Baby to

Your Other Children

Quick Tips

Consider having your other child or children spend the night with another family member or friend during the night your bring your new baby home. This will allow you to spend all the time you need to settle in with your new baby before you need to divide your attention.

Try and make the first meeting with the new baby a special event. Have your partner or a friend take them to the park or their favorite place before coming home to the new baby!

Have the new baby "give" your other child a gift. Say that the baby chose this gift especially for their sibling to say hello. This might help your other child 

Give your child jobs or tasks to help the baby. Whether it is picking a toy or book, bringing you a diaper, or helping with bath time. This will make your other little ones feel important! 

Family Love by a Mother and Her Two Daug

Give your other child lots of love!  

Bringing a new baby into your home is one of the biggest changes to ever happen to your older child/children. The new baby will take a lot of energy and time but make sure to spend some special time with your other child. Try and schedule a special night where your older child gets to pick what you do (watch their favorite movie or eat their favorite food) or tag- team with your partner to have some solo time with your older child to remind them they are still just as important! 

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