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Their 10th Month

What to expect during your baby's tenth month of life and what you can do to support them

Developmental Milestones

Your baby might have started to understand cause and effect. If she is holding a rattle she might shake it to hear the sound or if a toy has a button that causes it to move or make noise he might push it

Your baby might be pointing at important objects and using their thumb and pointer finger to pick up small objects with a pincer grasp

Your baby should be sitting up on their own, maybe crawling or scooting along the floor or even standing on their own while holding onto a piece of furniture! 

Cute Baby Boy

What can you do to support your baby?

Learning Toys
  • Narrate your life out loud to baby! While playing count how many toys you have or hold up a toy and use descriptive words such as "blue circle!" Your baby is listening and learning more and more every day.

  • This might be a great time to try sensory activities while your baby sits or stands at a low table as support. Give them bubble wrap to pop, water to pour or shaving cream to squish. They are learning more about how what they do can cause different effects! 

Doctor with Infant

Warning Signs To Watch For

The biggest warning sign at this stage of your baby's development is to make sure they are showing progress. Every baby will develop at different times - take crawling, for example, some babies will not crawl at all but will skip over it and move onto walking. This is normal! 

But make sure that your baby is showing some signs of progressing in their movements (sitting, crawling, reaching, grabbing) and that they seem interested in the world around them. This is a key time for babies to be learning and it is important that they seem engaged or interested! 

If you have any worries, reach out to your pediatrician! 

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