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Their 3rd Month

What to expect during your baby's third month of life and what you can do to support them

Developmental Milestones

They may begin mimicking sounds they hear around them - even starting to babble with you with lots of smiles! 

They have control of their movements and love kicking and batting at things around them 

During tummy time they raise their head, chest and hold themselves up on their arms for longer periods of time 

They will open and close their hands, they may also grasp and shake a toy! 

What can you do to support your baby?

  • Try tummy time on a small ball! Hold onto baby firmly and use the ball to move back and forth, forward and backward. Try placing fun toys or a mirror within reach to add more fun! 

  • Try placing baby under a baby gym or something that she can reach for and kick at! 

  • Try toys that make noise when they shake or are grasped, this will promote more reaching and movement while holding toys! 

Feeding and Sleeping

  • Baby could have had an appetite increase in the last month! Bottle-fed babies should still be taking 5-6 oz every feed.

  • Breastfed babies should have roughly four to five wet diapers a day and they should be gaining weight steadily

  • Still only give your baby formula or breastmilk right now - no water unless the doctor specifically tells you, they are plenty hydrated from milk or formula! 

  • Baby's bedtime should be around 7-9 pm and they will be sleeping for roughly 10 hours a night with fewer interruptions to feed! 3 naps during the day averaging about 5 hours is still normal. 

Image by Jan Kopřiva
Doctor with Infant

Warning Signs To Watch For

The following signs might indicate a developmental delay...

  • Baby is not babbling or smiling often 

  • Baby does not bring her hands to her mouth or grasp objects in her hands

  • Baby is not able to lift her head during tummy time or does not push off with feet when held upright 

  • Baby does not follow objects with eyes or respond to loud noises around them 

It is important to remember every baby develops at their own rate. But if you are worried about something, do not be afraid to consult with your pediatrician! 

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