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Their 4th Month

What to expect during your baby's fourth month of life and what you can do to support them

Developmental Milestones

They might be able to roll from their stomach to their back and prop up on their elbows during tummy time 

They will enjoy reaching for toys around them and bringing them to their mouths to chew/suck on 

Warning: Make sure to check the floor frequently to make sure there are no choking hazards that baby could find! 

Speaking of mouths - they may have begun to teeth. You might find drool on everything and notice they are sucking/gumming object more 

What can you do to support your baby?

Toys on a Shelf
  • Try surrounding baby with soft books, teething rings, plastic keys or other toys similar in size. They will enjoy reaching and bringing each one with their mouth!

  • Speaking of toys - try getting toys with different textures for baby to feel and explore

  • Make lots of sound that your baby can imitate! Copy their sounds after they make one to promote them making it again

Feeding and Sleeping

  • Baby might be ready to start introducing some solid food. Some signs include: 

    • Being able to hold their head up for a longer period of time​

    • Baby can sit upright, propped in a high chair 

    • They seem interested in opening their mouth to taste food

    • They are double their birth weight or 13 pounds 

  • Talk with your doctor to ensure it is safe to start solids! 

  • Baby should still be sleeping roughly 10 hours a night with 3 naps during the day

  • Safety tip: Stop swaddling while they are sleeping as soon as baby starts rolling over to keep them safe 

Image by hui sang

To learn more about solid food click the picture 

Solid food ready signs
Doctor with Infant

4 Month Check Up

Here are some things to talk to your doctor about during their four-month check-up...​

  • Is she ready to start introducing solid foods? 

  • Bring up any concerns or questions you might have about your baby's development 

  • Check out the immunizations checklist here

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