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Their 12th Month

What to expect during your baby's twelfth month of life and what you can do to support them

Developmental Milestones

Congratulations - you have a 1-year-old! You have watched your baby do so much over the last year and they have so much more ahead of them. Great job mama! 

Your baby still probably explores with her hands and her mouth. She learns more every day! 

Your baby is probably sitting while reaching or twisting, crawling, standing (maybe unsupported for a few seconds up to a few minutes) and maybe even starting to take a few unsteady steps! 

Baby could be saying a few words including "mama," "dada," "no" or other short words that you can understand. Keep talking with them, their vocabulary will take off soon!

They probably can follow short commands when you tell them or use gestures such as picking something up or looking towards something. They are getting to smart! 

Parents with Child

What can you do to support your baby?

Turtle Puzzle Pieces
  • Try playing "catch" with your baby while they are sitting or even standing! Have another person behind them to help them position their arms out in front and help them catch a soft ball the first few trials. They should catch on in no time! ; ) 

  • This is a great age to start playing with simple wooden puzzles where they can match pieces to their correct spot. This works on many visual skills that your baby will use forever! 

  • Keep reading books and identifying different items or people. Speak everything out loud while pointing so baby can learn more and start playing with different sounds! 

  • Keep up with sensory activities to stimulate brain development and learning. Let baby play with different textures such as edible sand (cornmeal), water, toys that make noise, or let them make their own noises with pots and spoons. Anything that stimulates their senses (sight, taste, smell, touch, hearing, proprioception, and vestibular) is helpful for your little one! 

    • Learn more about sensory play on the OT corner blog!

Doctor with Infant

Considerations for your 12 month old

During your baby's 12 month:

  • Check and make sure that their car seat is still appropriate for their size and weight

  • Consider starting to slowly wean your baby off their bottle (instead offering a sippy cup or pacifier)

  • Take baby to her 12-month check-up. Talk with your doctor about any concerns you may have during this appointment (including about anything in your baby's future)

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