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Their 11th Month

What to expect during your baby's eleventh month of life and what you can do to support them

Developmental Milestones

Your baby is likely crawling, scooting, or cruising while holding onto furniture in order to explore everything! You might notice she stands for a few seconds without holding onto anything. Get ready, the next step is going to be walking! 

Your baby should be listening and following objects with their eyes. They can now see more details up to 20 feet and will enjoy watching things move and learning from everything. 

When you ask your baby where something is ("Where's daddy?") she should be able to scan her surroundings and point. This makes for a fun game as she learns more about what is around her!

Mother and a Child

What can you do to support your baby?

Baby Learning to Walk
  • Try holding your baby's hands while she is standing and helping her to lean forward slightly. A reflex will automatically help her lift and put one foot in front of her. This is the beginning of walking! Help her learn about balance, stepping, and movement while providing safe support. 

  • This age is a great time to introduce baby-friendly paint or pieces of paper that she can tear. Baby will learn about the cause and effect of what they do and explore different textures!

  • Fill a plastic tote or basket with different items and let baby pull up on the side and lean in to explore. This will work on her upper body strength that is required to pull up, all while letting promoting visual scanning and exploring different objects. 

Doctor with Infant

Things To Watch For

At 11 months your baby should be moving and grooving! You might notice that your baby seems to be getting into everything!


This is an important time to do anything glance-over to make sure your house is baby-proofed! They might be able to access things on higher surfaces (such as an end table) while they are using it as support. Make sure things are not going to tip over or there is nothing heavy that could be pulled off or fall on your baby. 

If you have any concerns about your baby's development, their feeding or sleep, or any other concerns - contact your physician! 

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