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Bottle Feeding

Learn more about bottle feeding, forumula and different types of bottles

Tips for Bottle Feeding 

Formula should be the only for of "milk" that your baby receives during their first year of life

Create a sense of love and trust by holding and cuddling your baby during the feeding process! 

Make sure that the nipple is filled with formula and that formula is dripping through at a steady rate 

Feed baby when they are hungry but do not force them to take a certain amoutn of formula - they are the best judge of how much they need! 

Bottle-fed babies usually get hungry every 3 - 4 hours in the beginning of life. 

Try burping your baby after the first half ounce, then every ounce after that to promote comfort. It is normal for baby to spit up a bit of formula during this time! 

Pink Baby Bottles


Use a clean and fresh bottle for each feeding. Clean bottles with hot, soapy water and then rinse with plain hot water after each use 

Make sure formula has not expired, has been refrigerated if needed, and is not mixed with other cerreals or liquids unless directed by a doctor 

Heat baby's formula in warm water. Do not microwave as this could heat the bottle unevenly and be unsafe for baby!

Throw away formula if it has been mixed for more than 48 hours in the refigdgerator or been left out for over an hour 

Different Types of Bottles

There are many types of bottles with different features and shapes. Here a few trustworthy examples! Talk to your doctor or lactation consultant if you feel like you can not find the right bottle.

NUK Perfect Fit

The NUK Perfect Fit bottle can be nice for babys who spit up frequently. The slow flow nipple controls how quickly formula comes out and the three holes in the nipple allow for mixing of saliva to decrease upset stomachs. The nipple shape also promote oral developmental!



Dr. Brown's

Dr. Brown's is known for there tubed venting system that helps decrease the amount of air that your baby ingests during feeding. This can be beneficial to decrease collic and reduce gas. It also has a slow flow which can help baby go at their own pace and reduce refllux.



Philips Avent Natural

The Avent Natural bottle can be useful for babies who are switching back and forth from the breast to a bottle. The nipple shape is similar to moms breast and can also help decrease the amount of air intake during feeding. Its also easy to clean!


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