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Their 2nd Month

What to expect during your baby's second month of life and what you can do to support them

Developmental Milestones


Your baby is getting stronger, they will begin pushing up during tummy time - even lifting their head and shoulders!

Their legs will begin to straighten more - expect those kicks to be stong! 

They will begin bringing their fists to their mouth - possibly using this to self soothe

Movements are becoming more fluid and less jerky

You might start seeing your baby smile! 

Developmental Milestones

The Five Senses

You might notice your baby is very interested in your voice and they might try responding back with coos and exciting movements.


They can focus on and track objects possibly a full 180 degrees! 

They also enjoy more complex patterns and moving objects 

They are comforted by touch and will actively recognize your face 

What can you do to support your baby?

Crib Mobile
  • Try having "conversations" with your baby - talk and narrate your actions, you will see them respond with happy sounds!

  • Try mobiles or hanging objects for baby to look at when lying on their back or complex patterns during tummy time

  • Speaking of tummy time - give your baby lots of time on their stomach to work on strengthening those muscles! 

Feeding and Sleeping

  • Bottle-fed babies probably take roughly 4 to 5 ounces every 3 to 4 hours! A little more or less is normal! 

  • Breastfed babies will nurse roughly every 2 - 3 hours. Don't wake them to feed - they will let you know when they are hungry!

  • Only give your baby formula or breastmilk right now - no water unless the doctor specifically tells you! 

  • Your baby should be sleeping about 15 - 16 hours per day. This will include about 8 hours at night (although this may be interrupted with feeds!) and about 3 naps during the day

Sleeping Baby
Doctor with Infant

During their 2 month check up!

During your 2 month check-up many things will happen. Here are some questions you might be asked or want to ask yourself! 

  • How has feeding been going? Are there any concerns with how much they are/are not eating?

  • How often is your baby peeing or pooping? 

  • What is their sleep schedule like? 

  • Are they holding up their head? Are their movements beginning to become more smooth?

  • Are they beginning to coo, smile, and show signs that they recognize familiar faces?

  • Anything new or any concerns you might have?

Do not be afraid to ask your pediatrician any of your questions or concerns about your child! 

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