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New Mothers: About
Baby Breastfeeding


Have questions about breastfeeding, breast care, or local resources to assist with breastfeeding? 

Mother with her Child

New Mothers

Here you can find information including what to expect after birth and local resources that could help you with your personal needs following your baby's birth!

New Mothers: Past Events

After a


Postpartum Recovery

Information provided by Billings Clinic

After a

Vaginal Delivery

Postpartum Recovery

Information provided by Billings Clinic

Mother Holding Baby

Baby Blues

About 80 % of women experience some kind of "baby blues" following giving birth. 

This is usually just feeling sad, disappointed, or being a bit "down." These are normal feelings!


These feelings can be related to hormonal changes, fatigue, and apprehension about your new role of motherhood. These feelings do not mean you do not love your child or that you are not going to be a wonderful mother.


The best thing to do is be open about your feelings - talk with your partner, your family, or your friends. They will give you the support and love you need. 

Get as much sleep as you can and remember that these are common feelings - you are not alone! 

Any woman could have complications following birth.

Knowing the POST-BIRTH warning signs could change your life!

Do you need 

OT  & PT

after giving birth?

Just because you have had a baby does not mean you have to have bladder issues, weak muscles, or pain! Billings Clinic has therapists who can assist with bladder and bowel issues, muscle pain in your pelvis, hips, or back and myofascial pain. 

If you have questions or feel you could benefit from therapies, please contact your physician for a referral and contact the rehab office for an appointment! 

Things to Know About your Body

After You Give Birth




Diet Salad

Uterine Cramping


Vaginal Flow


Perineal Care and Stitches

Bladder & Bowel Care


Sexual Intercourse

Mother Doing Yoga with Baby

Best Positioning and Body Mechanic Tips for Moms

Moms have a tough job! When you are juggling your baby, a diaper bag, stroller and everything else you might be more prone to getting injured yourself. 

Here are some tips to keeping yourself safe and pain-free while taking care of your little ones! 

Apps You Should Check out! 

These apps can all be found in the Apple and Google Play online stores

Glow Baby

Glow Baby is a great app that helps you track all the information from your baby's milestones to their diaper changes or breastfeeding scheduling. This app also has a unique forum community to connect to other mothers!


Baby Sparks

Baby Sparks will give you personalized daily activities and ways to help your baby's growth and development specific to your baby's age! 


Baby Tracker -

Newborn Log

An even more detailed app for logging all of your baby's sleep, food, and diaper changes quickly or more add more details including pictures and exciting "first" moments! 

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