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 Local Resources for 

 New Mothers 

  In and Around Billings Montana  

Local Resources: Welcome
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Happy Girl Texting

To receive expert tips about your child's development and fun activities suggestions sign up for 

Bright By Text

This free, subscription-based text service will send you 2-4 texts per week specific to your child's age. The texts will include information about developmental milestones, educational games, and family-friendly resources. Also, find out about local community events and programs happening in Yellowstone County!  


Sign up by texting

'406Parents' to 274448


Montana 211

Montana 2-1-1 provides information and connects people to resources for non-emergency needs, via an easy-to-remember phone number (2-1-1) and a website (

Call 211 and speak to a representative that can help you connect to the local resources and services that you need. This is currently active in Yellowstone county - so call away! 


Here you can find numbers to local community resources including emergency, medical and social services. 

Information provided by Billings Clinic

Mental Health Recources
Mental Health Resources
Support Groups

PostPartum Support International

This website helps you find local resources to support new mothers mental health needs following their baby's birth. 

If you need immediate assistance, the PSI Helpline number is



If you are looking for someone to talk to online, TalkSpace might be for you. This site connects you with licensed and verified therapists who can offer support and guidance, all from the convenience of your home! 

When registering for the site you will complete a questionnaire that will help the site connect you with the right therapist. You will also be able to connect and chat with them 24/7 - which will come in handy as you navigate your newborns schedule. 

The cost will depend on how often you would like to meet with your therapist weekly!  

Mother and Daughter

Billings Clinic Psychiatric Center

Billings Clinic does offer mental health services for new mothers. Talk with your OBGYN if you notice that you are experiencing increasing negative thoughts, having trouble sleeping, or feeling hopeless. Some treatments might include counseling or medication to help manage these symptoms. 

Billings Clinic Psychiatric Services also have a nurse practitioner who works with women who are experiencing mental health concerns following giving birth. Contact Billings Clinic for more information. 

Although there are not an abundance of local mental health resources, do not feel that you are alone! Talk with your doctor to learn more about services that could help you.

Moms Groups
Mom's Groups in Billings
Moms and Babies

Moms Club of Billings

MOMS Club of Billings is a great way to get involved with other mothers and participate in weekly playgroups, Moms Night out, monthly feildtrips around Billings and more! 

Visit their website for more information and learn how to join! 

Billings Babies Bistro

Billings Baby Bistro gives you the chance to meet and talk with other mothers about infant-related topics or anything and everything to do with breastfeeding! They meet monthly and infants or other children can join.  

Visit the flyer below or check out their Facebook page for more information!

Two Women with Baby
Nursing Newborn

La Leche League

La Leche League is an organization that helps provide support, encouragement, information, and education to women who want to breastfeed.

The groups are held monthly and are led by women who have successfully breastfeed their own babys. Many mothers also find that it is more than just breastfeeding information, but rather a supportive group of women. Babies and siblings are always welcome as well! 

Church Mom Groups

Many local churches host mother support groups or bible studies. Some of them are listed below: 

Faith Chapel (West End)

Faith Chapel currently has a mother's bible study that meets on Thursday mornings from 9-11 am. Childcare is provided! 

Harvest Church (Heights)

Physical Activity Resources
Ways to Get Active With Other Moms


Do you want to find a community of mothers and kids while also getting active? FIT4MOM Billings is right for you!

FIT4MOM is the nation’s leading prenatal and postnatal fitness program, providing fitness classes and a network of moms to support every stage of motherhood. From pregnancy, through postpartum and beyond, our fitness and wellness programs help make moms strong in body, mind, and spirit.

Try out one of their classes with your FIRST CLASS FREE pass or get involved in their community events. Everything from playgroups, moms’ night outs, educational speakers, and mission projects. Their events are free and open to all.

FIT4MOM Billings is for ALL THE MOMS! Whether your child is in the womb or off to college.

Stroller Strong Moms

Want to get outside while also connecting with local mothers? Consider joining the stroller strong moms group!

The link below will take you directly to the national website for Stroller Strong Moms. There is a Billings group and you will be able to find more information about meetings via this website. 

**This group may be temporarily shut down

Other Resources
Other Resources To Know About

The Family Tree Center is a local resources that has so many services for new mothers including in home services and parenting ______, parenting classes for 

Riverstone Health

Riverstone Health has many services that new mothers might find beneficial. They have WIC Services to help women get access to education and obtain healthy foods, breastfeeding support, and connect mothers with nurses or other healthcare professionals to assist with this transition into motherhood in the most healthy and safe way possible.  

Early Childhood Interventions 

If your child is showing signs of any developmental delays or is in need of special services, Early Intervention is there to help during their first three years of life! Their staff will offer you the support your family needs and connect you with local therapy centers and other resources. 


Best Beginnings

Best Beginnings Yellowstone County strives to strengthen early childhood systems of care to support children and promote the best start they can have in early life. They partner with many local organizations to provide focused support on healthy starts, financial stability and school readiness. 


Family Tree Center

The Family TreeCenter is a great local resource for new mothers! They provide In-Home mentoring and parenting classes in order to assist parents with education and providing their child with the best and safest care. They also offer respite childcare for up to three hours a week. Check out more details about their services on their website! 

Therapy Clinic
Local Pediatric Therapy Clinics

What is occupational therapy (OT) and why might my baby need it? 

Occupational therapists work with individuals at all stages of life, but most importantly for you to know they can work with babies!


Sometimes when an infant is not meeting milestones, is noted to lack visual skill progression, have low or high muscle tone or difficulty with feeding or taking in sensory input, the child might be in need of a little extra support. This is where an OT comes in! 

If you have concerns about your baby, talk to your pediatrician! 

Kids Playing with Lego

Read more about reasons your baby might need OT in this blog! 

Baby with Toys

What is physical therapy (PT) and why might my baby need it? 

Physical therapists work with children who have specific physical development delays or disabilities.


A baby might need physical therapy if you notice they are only turning their head to one side, or they are not meeting developmental milestones such as rolling, crawling or walking.

PT and OT with an infant may seem similar, but speak with your pediatrician and they will help guide you to the services your little one might need!


Stacking Blocks

Billings Clinic Pediatric Therapy 

Billings Clinic Pediatric Therapy offers outpatient occupational therapy, physical therapy, and speech therapy services to children from birth to 18 years old.  They specialize in feeding and swallowing, sensory-based interventions, deafness and hearing loss, autism, developmental delays, articulation and phonological disorders, language delays as well as working with children who have complex medical conditions.

Red Head Baby

LEAF Pediatric Therapy

LEAF Pediatric Therapy provides occupational therapy services for children of all ages and offers aquatic year-round and equine therapy and social groups during the summer. They also have therapists who specialize with infants and complete home visits.

Blue Skies Therapy Clinic

Blue Skies Therapy offers occupational therapy services in an outpatient setting. They do not specifically work with infants but do have a Parent Partner Program that you can learn more about here.

Child Playing
Boy Playing in Bouncy Castle

Wild Roots Therapy Clinic

Wild Roots Therapy offers occupational therapy and speech therapy in an outpatient setting. They specialize in trauma and sensory-based interventions.

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