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First Steps

Baby Proofing

- The best way to see where and what baby might get into is by actually getting down on the floor and crawling around. You will be able to see many things that your baby might get into that you might not have realized. 

-Clear any small objects from under furniture 

-Make sure cabinets or closets that might have cleaning or other hazardous supplies like medicines are locked or moved! 

-Place baby gates at top of staircases and entrances to any room you do not want baby going into 

-Try open storage toy bins to prevent baby from pinching or smashing their fingers or head


Some Pro Tips for

Baby Proofing Your Home

Quick Check List

  • All furniture with sharp edges have corner-padding

  • Cordless blinds or tie up the cords out of babies reach

  • Kitchen cabinets are locked

  • Stove knob covers 

  • Toilet Seat is locked

  • Latches on all cabinets or closets that contain medicine or alcohol

  • All outlets have covers

  • Cover heating vents or radiators to avoid burns

  • Large objects are secured to the wall or do not have a tipping hazard

  • Finger-pinch guards on doors 

  • Ensure any plant is non-hazardous or out of reach

Crawling Toddler
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