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Billings Babies is a site for mothers in and around Billings, Montana. We aim to provide reliable information about both an infant's development and care and the health and wellness of new mothers. You can also navigate many resources, businesses and organizations that are available in the local area. We are so glad you are here! 

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The First

Night Home

The first night you return from the hospital can feel intimidating. Here are some tips that can help make the night go as smoothly as possible!

Newborn Baby

Caring for Your Newborn Baby

Watch this video to help answer some of the important

questions about your baby's health, feeding, and safety.

Video provided by Billings Clinic

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Happy Girl Texting

To receive expert tips about your child's development and fun activities suggestions sign up for 

Bright By Text

This free, subscription-based text service will send you 2-4 texts per week specific to your child's age. The texts will include information about developmental milestones, educational games, and family-friendly resources. Also, find out about local community events and programs happening in Yellowstone County!  


Sign up by texting

'406Parents' to 274448


Any woman could have complications following birth.

Knowing the POST-BIRTH warning signs could change your life!

Sleepy Baby


Everything you need to know about the causes of jaundice and what to do if your baby shows signs 

Baby Proofing your Home

Learn more about the ins and outs of baby-proofing your home for when your little one begins cruising! Also, find a helpful checklist to make sure you did not forget anything. 

First Steps
Mother Doing Yoga with Baby

Best Positioning and Body Mechanic Tips for Moms

Moms have a tough job! When you are juggling your baby, a diaper bag, stroller and everything else you might be more prone to getting injured yourself. 

Here are some tips to keeping yourself safe and pain-free while taking care of your little ones! 

Introducing Solid Foods 

Introducing your baby to solid foods can seem like a scary thing. Here you can find more information about when your baby might be ready to start transitioning to solid food as well as the different stages of food and some examples for you to try! 

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Introducing your New Baby to Your Older Children

Introducing your new baby to your older children can be a difficult time. Here are some tips or suggestions to make the transition as positive as possible! 

A Toddler and a Baby

Family Tree Center

The Family TreeCenter is a great local resource for new mothers! They provide In-Home mentoring and parenting classes in order to assist parents with education and providing their child with the best and safest care. They also offer respite childcare for up to three hours a week. Check out more details about their services on their website! 

The OT Corner Blog

Know where your information is coming from. Find a reference list here! 

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